What Kinds of Vaccinations Required for Travel to USA?

If you are planning to travel to USA, make sure to maintain a safe trips so you can stay healthy and fit during your stay in USA. However, as if you are making any travel planning checklist, the detailed one, before the departure, you also need to make sure to prepare the travel vaccinations checklist in case to prevent yourself from any contagious disease which is being risk at your travel destinations. In the other hand, USA, as the modern city you are going to visit, actually has no vaccinations required for travel to USA for any tourist or traveller. Yet, still, you need to make sure to have full-package protection by having travel vaccinations before your departure time.

As you know, vaccinations required for travel to USA will be needed to protect yourself from any contagious disease since you are going to visit any place which is not used to with your usual condition. However, since there are lot of kinds of vaccines you need to take, it will be better to visit your physician to help you determine which kinds of vaccine you need to take appropriately. Your physician will be needed several information from you, such as age, health status and condition, previous vaccinations and booster shots you have already had, travel destination, and also the exact time when you are travelling. Several travel vaccinations you need to update such as Japanese Encephalitis, rabies, typhoid fever, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and yellow fever. In the other hand, the routine travel vaccines such as Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis vaccine, Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine, Polio vaccine, yearly influenza, and Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) vaccine.

However, even though you have already fulfil the vaccinations required for travel to USA, it does not mean you can fully protect yourself from any virus or germs. Therefore, you also need to maintain healthy lifestyle and behaviour, at least during your stay in the travel destinations. For example, speaking of eat and drink safely that you need to make sure in order to reduce risk from contaminated food and water. You need to drink only from bottled water or boiled water, even though tap water in USA is recommended for direct drinking, yet still, you need to be sure about it. In meal preparation, it will be better to have fully cooked food, hard-cooked eggs, or another pasteurized dairy products.

Follow the strict steps to prevent bug bites or mosquito bites is also a must because bugs capable to spread any diseases in certain area. Other than that, the disease somehow could not be prevented even though you have fulfilled the vaccinations required for travel to USA. Thus, it will be better to cover your exposed skin, or using bug spray and sunscreen as protection. Stay alert while having outdoor trip is a must since you might not capable to adjust the weather or another condition in instant. In the end, make sure to visit your physician, general practitioner, or doctor to discuss about this stuffs, determine the proper travel vaccinations you need to take, and another related things.


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